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Creating & Refining Your Web Site

Once the specifications are nailed down and the budget has been approved, the design phase can begin (Steps for Flash or Lotus Domino based websites and online stores might differ slightly).

Set Up Site Structure
Create the pages for the site, assign file names and page titles, etc.

Develop Page Layout and Navigational Interface
Navigational interface based on site content, structure, and frequency of change.
Page layout needs to be flexible for the variety of content on the site.
Decide on a color concept.
Consider the lowest common denominator among your web visitors (e.g. 640 x 480 pixel screen resolution, 256 colors).

Integrate Existing Content
Take existing text, graphics, photos or product lists and edit them to fit the layout and format of the new website.

Develop Additional Content
Additional copy writing (text), graphics, illustrations, photographs, animations, etc.

Develop JavaScript Code
Functionality such as button roll-over effects or calculations require JavaScript code.

Set-up Links
Cross-links within your site, e.g. from text to another section.
Links to other related sites.
Links to advertisers.

Optimize Graphics
All graphic elements should be optimized to speed up download and avoid color palette conflicts on older systems.

Proof Reading

Mossinger Consulting offers full production of your new website from start to finish.



A technlogy for graphically rich, animated multimedia websites.

Visual elements, such as drawings, pictures or animations in electronic format. In order to load fast, they should be minimal in file size. Except for photographic images it is recommended to optimize the color palette used in web graphics. This ensures compatibility with older computers and browsers.

HTML (HyperText Markup Language)
The code language that is used to build web pages

Navigational Interface
A set of graphic or text links that guides the site visitor through the options on the site. The navigational interface should be consistent across the site.

Site structure
Websites are typically structured like a tree. Starting from the home page, they branch out in site sections and subsections.


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