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Deploying & Hosting Your Web Site

Once the website is ready for the public, it needs to be uploaded to a web server.

Register Your Domain Name
If you haven’t done so during the planning phase of the project, this is the time to register your individual web address (

Make Arrangements For Web Hosting
Set-up your own infrastructure.
Set up an account with a reputable internet service provider (We recommend
Have Mossinger Consulting handle all hosting issues.

Prepare For Upload To Web Server
Set up directories on Web Server.
Set up ftp (file transfer protocol) connection.

Transfer Data to Web Server
Move the files through ftp connection.

Set-up Scripts on the Web Server
Scripts, e.g. for turning form data into an e-mail, need to be uploaded to the right directory on the web server, and have their execution permissions set appropriately.

Test Website
Test functionality as well as look and feel in a variety of different browser and hardware environments.

Mossinger Consulting can spare you from all headaches of web hosting. We find the right web hosting package for your needs, and handle all the communications with the ISP for you.



Domain name
Also called “Web Address”. This is your individual address on the internet, e.g. “”. It is used for your website ( and in your e-mail address (yourname There are lots of different extensions for domain names. For businesses there is “.com” and soon also “.biz”, “.info” and “.pro”. Nonprofit organizations use “.org”, ISPs use “.net”. Government agencies “.gov”, the military uses “.mil”.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
A standard for transferring data over the internet.

Internet Service Provider (ISP)
A service company that owns the equipment to make your website available on the internet (see: “web hosting”) and provide you with your individual e-mail boxes.

A small program that runs simple functions in the background, e.g. when someone submits a form, the data from the form is turned into an e-mail and sent to the recipient defined in the script.

Web hosting
A service provided by an ISP. It includes storing your website on their web server, and providing the infrastructure (network) for the public to access your site.

Web server
A computer that stores web pages, data and graphics, and makes these available to the public via the Internet.


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