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Examples of Web Sites Created By Mossinger Consulting

Full Circle Foundation

The foundation’s mission is to improve the lives of paraplegic individuals by raising awareness for spinal cord injury, and funds for research to find a cure.

For the foundation’s go-kart program, a special hand-controlled go-kart was developed, providing the injured with the necessary hardware to race competitively or just ride along the track casually. Another program is designed to raise funds for a new rehabilitation clinic in Las Vegas. The clinic will assist the injured in gaining back control over their lower extremities, once a new surgery technique becomes more widely available.

The organization had a very simple website that was not adequate for communicating the foundation’s goals to potential donors they expected to meet at an upcoming event. Also, contracts required that the sponsors be listed on the foundation’s website by that event. The challenge: The event was only two weeks away...

Mossinger Consulting met with the foundation owners, worked out the site structure, and gathered all available graphics and images. Working in parallel, the foundation owners finalized the text content for the new site, and Mossinger Consulting designed and built the page templates. Content and design were then merged, graphics and functionality added. The site was ready for the event, including the ability to purchase go-karts and make donations online.

Proteligent, Inc.

Proteligent is a startup software company, which is dedicated to developing pro-active, intelligent network management software. The company’s first product is BirdsEye, a system monitoring software that is cross-platform compatible, easy to use, and pays for itself quickly.

Mossinger Consulting was first contacted to help with the development of the product’s HTML-based Graphical User Interface. The requirements included an easy-to-understand view of the system status, and minimum clicks from system overview to the history of one parameter of one system.

The solution provided was an innovative layered interface with an “appliance style” look, and four levels of information:
1. System Overview
2. System Details
3. Parameter Detail
4. Parameter History

Mossinger Consulting provided ongoing support and QA during implementation. This user interface is now a major differentiator of the product and drew lots of praise from beta testers and customers.

As product development progressed, Mossinger Consulting was hired again, for the design of product and company logos, business cards, trifold mailer and the company website as well as other marketing communications projects.

The website was to include the capability to register and download a trial version, purchase the product, and submit a technical support request. Java backend programming was provided by Proteligent’s parent company ICE Consulting.

Mossinger Consulting provided complete design services of all pages and graphics, text editing, plus project management of the backend functionality and a separate internal website for administration. Due to the limited budget, special effects like Flash animations were left for future revisions.

The website was launched in February of 2004 and is enhanced as the company’s budget allows.

Welch Business Systems

A family owned business, Welch Business Systems is a provider of high quality IT services and products to small and medium sized companies in the Bay Area. The company had recently implemented a new corporate design, followed by an image brochure that was designed by Mossinger Consulting.

Pleased with the look and feel of the image brochure, Don Welch approached Mossinger Consulting to update the look and feel of the website and match it to the minimalist-style new corporate design.

Mossinger Consulting picked up the design theme of the image brochure and designed a corresponding page layout, incorporating pull-down menus for quick and efficient navigation. Staying consistent with the company’s other marketing materials, the number of colors was limited to two only. Don Welch composed all text with the small business owner in mind. A Java based news scroller was placed on the home page and is maintained by the client.

Loui Tucker’s Superior Office Support and Dance Events

Loui Tucker is a self-employed computer-wiz and dance instructor. During the day, she helps people to work more efficiently with their software. At night she teaches Israeli and International Dance.

Loui had put together detailed write-ups on both her software consulting and dance events, which she wanted to publish over the web. Her budget was limited, which required a simple and practical solution. All text was available electronically, which helped in keeping the cost down.

Mossinger Consulting came up with a simple day-and-night theme, which distinguishes the two services Loui provides. A clear, businesslike font was used for the business section, while a more playful, artistic font was chosen for the dance section. JavaScript rollover buttons highlight the items that can be clicked. The section headers each feature a picture of Loui. The day and night sky backgrounds were created digitally, and all pictures were treated to a rugged brushstroke like edge.

The completed site has been handed over to Loui Tucker, who now maintains and updates the site.

The Graduate School InfoForum

The Graduate School InfoForum is an all day event for potential college graduates. In seminars and workshops, representatives of teaching and research institutions provide attendees with information and guidance about the availability of graduate level training. Recruiting institutions send representatives on site for face-to-face meetings with prospective graduate students. Most events take place in fall, with some exceptions.

The organization just started and needed a vehicle to provide in-depth event information. Students should be encouraged to sign-up for the free events, and consider additional admissions consulting services. Recruiting institutions should be given the opportunity to sign-up online and send representatives to the events.

Mossinger Consulting literally started on a white sheet of paper. We designed the organization’s logo, and website from scratch. Stock photography was used to enhance the look of the navigational interface, and JavaScript rollover effects give more detail on the link options at the top,

The content was organized in an easy-to-read center column, while the column right next to it provides links to related or additional information. Three different response forms are available to capture specific information from students and recruiting institutions. The client provided all text.

Mossinger Consulting also designed the organization’s
business cards, letterhead, event flyer and presentation template.

As of October 2002, the site is no longer active. However, it can still be viewed at

The Law Firm of Bohn & Bohn, LLP

Bohn & Bohn, LLP is specialized on Employment Law, Injury and Wrongful Death, Insurance Law and Elder Abuse. Located in San Jose, CA, the attorneys of Bohn & Bohn have won lots of high profile cases.

Bohn & Bohn wanted to give potential future clients a new and convenient way to learn about their services and contact them confidentially outside of the usual working hours.

Mossinger Consulting designed an easy to navigate website, which covers case types, case results and information about the law firm and its attorneys. Potential clients can fill out questionnaires, which collect all information relevant to assess the chance of success of a case.

The site was then registered with all relevant attorney directories on the internet.

Bohn & Bohn reports a steady stream of inquiries, and multiple new cases. One successful new case pays more than the design cost of the website.

In 2003 the attorneys replaced this website with an inexpensive “canned” website that is based on a database system. However, this new site has been proven ineffective for the firm’s needs. Mossinger Consulting has proposed a new website strategy for the firm and is currently project managing its implementation.

Contra Costa County Public Auto Auction

Public Auto Auctions are the new way to buy a vehicle. No hassles with pushy car salesmen, prices near wholesale, as well as financing and other services have set CCCPAA apart.

Phase 1: Shortly after the company was launched in 1997, CCCPAA approached Mossinger Consulting to design a website, which reflects the family friendly, circus-like atmosphere of the auctions. The site had to include information about the auction and its services, which had previously been published on a variety of separate brochures and flyers. An online auction catalog was to list all vehicles that would run at the next auction. The client wanted to be able to maintain the site in-house, in order to save cost.

Mossinger Consulting designed a bright, colorful and somewhat cartoon-like site. The site structure was simple and easy to navigate. All major site sections were color coded. We worked with the vendor of CCCPAA’s business software to enable the client to upload the vehicle inventory to the web site in a simple two-step procedure.

Phase 2:
In 2001, CCCPAA decided to implement
Carlot Manager - a more sophisticated business software with the capability of publishing detailed vehicle information and pictures over a php based web application. This functionality needed to be integrated into the website, along with several other new features. It was also desired to give the site an updated, more sophisticated look.

Mossinger Consulting completely redesigned the site’s graphics. A rotating picture script was implemented on the home page, so repeat visitors would see different pictures at each visit.

In order to ease the transition from the old business software ot Carlot Manager, Mossinger Consulting delivered two versions of the website - one that works with the old system, and another one that seamlessly integrates the php catalog application of the new software.

CCCPAA continues to maintain the site in-house. At the time this page was last updated, CCCPAA later decided not to implement the Carlot Manager software and its PHP web application, and switch to a different system. A project to redesign the website and better integrate that new software is scheduled for 2004.


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