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Letterhead Design

Give your company’s correspondence a fresh, professional look. We can manage the print production for you, or deliver an easy-to-use Microsoft Word template.

This example had to be printable on a small, portable color printer.

Business Card Design

Make a lasting impression with your business cards. We design and manage print production for you, or deliver a Microsoft Word file that you can print on Avery Business Card stock.

The client wanted to be able to print his cards on his color inkjet printer, without using too much ink.


Let the world know what you have to offer, by handing out flyers about your product, services, or event.

To be posted on students’ message boards in unknown numbers, the client asked for a design that could be printed as needed at Kinko’s.

Presentations and Templates

Mossinger Consulting wants you to look good when you go out presenting to your customers or vendors. We offer design of complete slide and multimedia presentations, as well as template development for Microsoft PowerPoint.

Inquiry Handling

Do you have a process in place for capturing and handling inquiries through website, e-mail, regular mail, advertising, phone or fax? Who is going to respond and how? Are these sales leads being used for building relationships with prospective buyers?

Mossinger Consulting can analyze your current process and work with you on optimizing the results of your marketing communications activities.

Database Design

Marketing communications involves data on products, customers, sales leads, media, and much more. In addition, request and approval processes have to be supported within the department or company.

Mossinger Consulting can help you in getting your data organized and your processes streamlined. Our information technology experience includes intranet and workflow database design with Lotus Domino as well as multiple Microsoft Access based database systems (e.g. a fully automated inquiry handling system).

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