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Planning Your Web Site

To avoid surprises during the design phase and stay within budget, you and the designer must have a clear understanding of what your new website should be like.

Define Goals And Strategy
What is the purpose of your new website?
Who do you want to reach?
What do you want the site visitors to do, and how do we get them to do this?

Set Budgets
How much can you spend on the design and implementation?
How much can you spend on monthly promotion and site maintenance?

Perform Competitive Analysis
And Industry Research
What do the websites of competitors have to offer?
How are competitors’ sites structured?
What do competitors’ sites look like?
Are there any industry sites that can be linked to for additional content or news?
What trends do websites in the industry follow?

Define Site Structure
How many branches and layers should the site structure have?
What is the total number of pages?
How many product groups and products is the site going to feature?

Review Possible Site Content
What copy and graphics are available?
What needs to be created?
Who will create additional content?
Is a product list available electronically (online stores)?

Define Look & Feel Preferences
What color scheme(s) do you like?
Are there any specific company colors?
What fonts is your company using?
What style of graphics to you like?
What should the navigational interface look like?
What should other page elements look like?
Which multimedia effects are desired?

Define How We Work Together
Who in your organization is the interface to provide the necessary materials and make decisions?

Search for Possible Domain Names
What easy-to-remember Domain Names should we search for?
If the desired Domain Name is not available, can it be acquired through a broker?

Define Where And How The Site Is Going To Be Hosted
What are the requirements for hosting the new site?
Do you already have an Internet Service Provider, or web hosting infrastructure in place?
(see also “
Deploying and Hosting”)

Mossinger Consulting guides you through the process of planning your website, resulting in exact specifications for the design phase.

FREE Web Design Planning Worksheet covers all the basics of planning your website. Download it today, fill it out, and fax it to 510-792-9299. We will contact you shortly!



Domain name
Also called “Web Address”. This is your individual address on the internet, e.g. “”. It is used for your website ( and in your e-mail address (yourname There are lots of different extensions for domain names. For businesses there is “.com” and soon also “.biz”, “.info” and “.pro”. Nonprofit organizations use “.org”, ISPs use “.net”. Government agencies “.gov”, the military uses “.mil”.

Internet Service Provider (ISP)
A service company that owns the equipment to make your website available on the internet (see: “web hosting”) and provide you with your individual e-mail boxes.

Site structure
Websites are typically structured like a tree. Starting from the home page, they branch out in site sections and subsections.

Web hosting
A service provided by an ISP. It includes storing your website on their web server, and providing the infrastructure (network) for the public to access your site.

Web server
A computer that stores web pages, data and graphics, and makes these available to the public via the Internet.


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