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Promoting Your Web Site

Even the best website is worthless, if nobody comes to visit it. To ensure a steady stream of visitors, it is recommended to promote the site through multiple channels. This is an ongoing effort, just as most other Marketing Communications activities.

Search Engine Optimization
Optimize page design, text and meta tags for best ranking with search engines.
Create “doorway pages” for specific search engines.

Search Engine Registration
Individual registration with the major search engines
Mass registration with smaller engines and directories.

Industry Directory Listings
Many industries have their own directories where you can find their products or service providers. Mossinger Consulting can research the available directories and get you listed.

Banner Advertising
Advertise your site on other websites, which are visited by your clientele. We create animated banner ads and help you with the ad placement on the other site.

Link Exchange
Especially for smaller or local businesses, link exchange is a great way of getting your site known to the world. It is pretty similar to banner advertising, but without the immense cost. The catch: You have to display banner ads on your site, too.

Integration Of Website And Print Media
Once you have a website, you can use print media to direct people to the website for more information. Your website will not replace print media, but work in conjunction with it. We will look at your individual situation and requirements, and make recommendations on how to best integrate the two.

Mossinger Consulting can guide you through the promotion options and helps you put together an individual plan for increasing traffic on your site.



Banner Ad
A graphic ad, mostly animated, that is placed on web pages. It is designed to make viewers click on it, and links to a web page that contains the promotional message of the advertiser.

A web database that contains information on websites and lets visitors search for these sites. In contrast to a search engine, a directory does not analyze the content of the websites in its database.

Meta Tags
Information embedded in a web page’s HTML code to provide information to search engines about the content of the page. Search engines use this information to catalog web pages.

Search Engines
A web database that indexes the content of websites and allows its visitors to search for specific content.


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