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Web Design Services

Websites are highly individualized communications instruments. They can be targeted towards customers, clients, vendors, investors or just friends and family.

No matter, if your web site is an informational site, an image site or an online storefront, if it has been designed with Flash. JavaScript, Lotus Domino or just plain HTML, your visitors expect it to:

Be easy to find
Easy-to-remember URL, available through search engines and directories.

Be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
Hosted by a reliable Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Load fast
Efficient design, small graphics files, fast ISP.

Be easy to navigate or search
Self explanatory, well structured graphical user interface
Online stores with well structured product groups and easy-to-use shopping cart

Be up-to-date
Content should never be out-of-date.

Contain in-depth information
People visit your website BECAUSE they want more than the basics.

Offer a blend of graphic and text information that is appropriate for the information presented on the site
Use graphics to support your message, rather than distract from it.

Be Secure
Consumers expect their personal information to stay confidential. This is a big concern for online shopping, where credit card information needs to be processed.

This may sound pretty simple. However, getting there and staying there is a perpetual, systematic process. Mossinger Consulting supports the full cycle of web development and refinement:


Creating and Refining

Deploying and Hosting


Analyzing and Managing

If you are a small business, we can offer you cost effective packages to get started. Check out some of the
sites we have already produced!

Medium to large sized businesses with database driven websites might be interesed in our interface design and database integration services. We design graphical and/or text based navigational interfaces and work with you on integrating them with your database system. We have extensive experience with Lotus Domino database integration!


Web Design Planning Worksheet
(requires Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader)

Web Hosting

Let us take care of all the technical issues of setting up your web hosting and e-mail accounts! Check out our powerful and affordable web hosting packages and related services!

If you rather want to handle your own setup,
click here to get one month of free web hosting by ValueWeb. You will also receive a discount on the registration fee.


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Web Design Services:
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